Did you know?:
  • Sunflowers are native to the Americas.
  • The giant flower on sunflowers is actually made up of many tiny blooms? The center of the sunflower, where the seeds develop, is made up of tiny blossoms that bees absolutely love.
  • Sunflowers typically grow between five and twelve feet tall (not counting cute little dwarf sunflowers.)
  • At the bud stage, sunflowers exhibit a unique trait called heliotropism -- the bud of the sunflower faces the sun at all times throughout the day, starting the day facing east, and ending it facing west.
  • The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas and the national flower of Ukraine.
  • Sunflowers need full sun and rich, well-drained soil to reach their maximum height.



  1. "Сельская жизнь" или как там у вас "Кантри"? ))
    Очень замечательная подборка!!! Очень понравились подсолнухи невиданные, заморские. Молодец, Анюта!

  2. Anya,
    Very nice series here full of vibrant colors and textures. Clean photoshop work and informative material as well. Your blog is a pleasure to browse!

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  4. This collection of beautiful sunflowers just made me very happy
    Thank you so much


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