Here is some photos of a 1949 Cherry Red Chevrolet Pickup. I pass this regularly as the owner uses it as part of his insurance business. I have waited for the right time to shoot as it is a parking lot and there are usually other cars around. However on Sunday night, while coming back from shooting some landscapes I notice the pickup parked in front of the office and no other cars in the area. So I decided that this was the right time for me to shoot. Although I was tired from a long day of travelling and shooting, I had to take this opportunity. (the pickup is usually parked across the lot and not the best place for shooting). I did several shots/compositions and these were the final results. I did share them with the owner today and he is ecstatic with the shots.


  1. nice HDR processing. Good composition on the shots as well. Keep up the great work! -K

  2. R Keith Lambert Thank you :)


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